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Migraine Glasses
stop light sensitivity fast

Migraine Glasses

Light sensitivity is a common migraine symptom, but some kinds of light—for example, fluorescent—can trigger migraine headaches and worsen photophobia.

Fluorescent lights are one of the worst kinds of lighting for migraine sufferers because, whether you can see it or not, the bulbs flicker; that’s what triggers the problems. At home, you can easily replace fixtures and bulbs to ditch the fluorescents, but what about the supermarket, workplace, and other, public places you have to go?

Some migraine sufferers wear sunglasses indoors in an attempt to block the lights that trigger their migraine attacks. Unfortunately wearing sunglasses indoors actually worsens the symptoms of photophobia; the dark tint causes the retina to open more, letting more of the harmful wavelengths of light in.

Thankfully there is a solution: TheraSpecs migraine glasses and migraine sunglasses; therapeutically-designed and precision-tinted to block the painful wavelengths of light that trigger migraines. A clinical study of TheraSpecs precision tint showed that participants went from an average of 6.2 to 1.6 migraine attacks per month, a 74% reduction in migraine headaches.

TheraSpecs Migraine Glasses